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Social validation and fomo will convert more visitors into leads and customers.
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Show visitors how popular your offer to increase trust & brand leadership.

"Adding live social proof was the #1 driver of increased revenue in all my experiments while at Airbnb."

Gustaf Alstromer

Y Combinator Partner,
Former Head of Growth at Airbnb
Hot Streak Notification
Highest converting product

Hot Streaks

The Hot Streaks notification shows the total number of people who have recently opted-in or purchased on your site. This is Proof's highest converting product and is most commonly used on landing pages, demos, and checkouts.
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Live Visitor Count

The Live Visitor Count notification shows many people are currently viewing the page or your entire site in real-time. Most commonly used by businesses to authentically create FOMO on popular offers.
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UseProof Live Visitor Count Notification
UseProof Recent Activity Notification
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Recent Activity

The Recent Activity notification shows a stream of people who have recently signed up or purchased on your site. This is our most popular product and is used on pages that get 5 or more leads or sales per day.
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