The Proof team is on a (big) mission...

To help our customers win 1,000,000 A/B tests by 2020.
Will your test be one of them?

The marketing squad - Annapolis MD / 2017
Dave Rogenmoser Proof

Dave Rogenmoser

Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Hull Proof

Chris Hull

Co-Founder & CSM
John Philip Morgan Proof

John Philip Morgan

Co-Founder & CTO
Austin Distel Proof

Austin Distel

Head of Marketing
Ben Grimes Proof

Ben Grimes

Senior Engineer
Ryan Ferrer Proof

Ryan Ferrer

Customer Support
Auston Troyer Proof

Auston Troyer

Growth Marketer
Borys Senyk Proof

Borys Senyk

Senior Engineer
Ben Johnson Proof

Ben Johnson

Content Marketing Strategist
Brad Stell Proof

Brad Stell

Senior Software Engineer
Justin Boyson Proof

Justin Boyson

Senior Front End Engineer
Dylan Graham Proof

Dylan Graham

Lead Data Engineer
James Morgan Proof

James Morgan

Customer Success Specialist
AZ Moyer Proof

AZ Moyer

Head of Finances/Operations
Ashley Nootenboom Proof

Ashley Nootenboom

Senior Product Design Lead
James Morgan Proof

Jason Elizondo

Engineering Manager
The founding team - San Francisco CA / 2017
Founded in Annapolis Maryland in 2017


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