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How to warm up your cold visitors and increase leads

Create a high-converting fast lane that moves your warmest visitors to conversion while providing a slower lane for educating everyone else.
Educate visitors and increase leads
Journey Blocks:

The Strategy

The first stage of the Proof Growth Flywheel is the Educate Stage. This is the stage where most visitors first will meet your brand. 

In this stage, most visitors are still learning about your product, the pain that it solves, and if it’s the right solution for their unique needs. For most companies, your visitors fall into two unique camps here: 

-Some of your visitors are ready to purchase right away (fast-lane)
-Some of your visitors need time to warm before converting (slow-lane)

This playbook gives you the framework to provide paths for both of these types of customers. 

In this playbook, you will learn how to create a high-converting fast lane that moves your warmest visitors to conversion, while providing a slower lane for educating the rest of your visitors.

Journey Block 1
Watch an Instant Demo

How to create this audience:

In the audience builder, you are going to create an audience of people who are on any page of your site. In the screenshot below, you'll see how we set our logic to include all people on a page where URL has any value.

This is effectively an “Everyone” audience.

The block’s design:

This first block promotes our instant demo, and it gives our warmest visitors a fast lane to sign up for the product. We’re using merge tags that insert the company name in the headline and subheadline. Learn how to use merge tags here.

Journey Block 2
Scale or Die Podcast

How to create this audience:

If a visitor sees the “Watch Instant Demo” block 3 times but does not take an action on it, we don’t want to keep showing the same block to them. 

We can assume they simply aren’t ready to watch a demo.

Rather than waste our precious website real estate with an offer that a visitor doesn't want or isn't ready for, we build an audience that will cycle content to warm up these slow-lane visitors.

You can find the experienceID of the previous block by previewing that block and copying the ID out of the URL like this:

You’ll then use the Proof X Experience Matched event from the dropdown in the Audience builder:

The block’s design:

This block uses fun, human-centered design to promote our podcast Scale or Die to slow-lane visitors. Again, we’re using merge tags to include the visitors first name on the block (if we have their name available).

Journey Block 3
The SaaS Marketers Guide To Website Personalization

How to create this audience:

If a visitor sees our Scale or Die block 3 times, but doesn’t click it, we’ll instead push them to read our highest converting piece of content, The SaaS Marketers Guide To Website Personalization

This audience is set up the same as the previous step, except we use the experienceID of the Scale or Die block from step 2.

The block’s design:

Our block gives a preview of the content that a visitor can expect on the next page. The design is meant to preview the content enough to intrigue the visitor — and motivate them to click through.

Moving from Educate to Convert

At some point, a visitor is educated enough about our brand and is ready to move into the next portion of the Proof growth flywheel: Convert. 

Check out our Convert Playbook to see how to build the next steps for a highly personalized customer journey your visitors will love.

Final Say

Not all visitors are ready to sign up, book a demo, or buy on their first visit to the site. But many are!

This playbook gives you the best of both worlds — allowing those visitors who are ready to buy to sign up for a demo and educating those that aren’t quite ready to buy with relevant content.

Convert more visitors with Experiences by personalizing your website call to actions.

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