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How to decrease user churn and increase NPS

Implementing this playbook will engage customers to increase feature adoption, strengthen NPS, and reduce churn.
Decrease churn, increase retention, and increase NPS
Journey Blocks:

The fourth stage of the Proof Growth Flywheel is the Engage stage. At this point, the customer has been using your product and likes it. Our goal in this stage is to make sure the customer LOVES the product and sticks around for a long long time.

The following playbook shows you how we increase retention and feature adoption for 2 of our different software products: Notifications and Smart Journeys.

After implementing this playbook, you will see existing customers continually find more value from your product.

The Strategy

This playbook consists of 3 unique journey blocks: The first is for our Notifications product — and the 2nd and 3rd are for our Smart Journeys product. 

Here are our 3 stages:

  • Notifications — Read the A/B Test Blog Post
  • Smart Journeys — View Playbooks
  • Smart Journeys — Add Team Members

Journey Block 1
Notifications — Read the A/B Test Blog Post

How to create this audience:

After our users launch their first campaign, we want them to A/B test it. We’ve looked at our metrics and found that users who successfully run an A/B test are more engaged with our product and find more value from Proof. 

In the Audience builder, we use logic to find users who are ready to run an A/B test. These include have a trait for planId, and have performed the NewTrial and Campaign Launched events at least one time.

The block’s design:

In this case, we have a blog post around how to run A/B tests and which settings our customers should be testing on their own sites.

Journey Block 2
Smart Journeys — View Playbooks

How to create this audience:

As you might recall, we already showed our Smart Journeys customers a journey block promoting our playbooks in the previous stage Activate. 

Because we’re huge believers in the playbook model, we want to promote it frequently to give our users new ideas to launch. In this block, we show the playbook messaging once more (after users have launched their first campaign).

We create an audience that matches people who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a userID of any value (have logged into the app)
  • Have published at least 1 Smart Journey on their account (are an active user)

The block’s design:

With this block, we're pushing users to read through Playbooks in order to get more ideas of experiments they can run on their own sites. While we've shown them a similar block before, continued engagement and product utilization is key here.

Journey Block 3
Smart Journeys — Add Team Members

How to create this audience:

We don’t have hard data on this yet, but our hypothesis is that those companies who add multiple users to their Smart Journeys workspace will stick around longer.

How are we testing this? With a Journey block, of course!

In the audience builder below, note how we the logic includes a rule for has performed event Smart Journey Published at least 2 times.

The block’s design:

Our block uses the Proof Growth Flywheel imagery — and encourages users to add more of their team members to their account.

Moving out of Engage and into Expand

The goal of the Engage stage is to create happy, satisfied customers.

Once you’ve proven to your users that your product works and is worth using, they will naturally be inclined to use other products and services you sell (as long as they solve a pain point). 

At this point, it’s time to move your audience to the Expand stage, where you’ll increase ARPU and LTV through expansion revenue. Net negative churn, here we come!

Check out our Expand Playbook to see how to build the next steps for a highly personalized customer journey your visitors will love.

Final Say

Is there a more important metric for fast-growing companies than retention? 

Most likely not... Use this playbook to engage customers at a deeper level, drive up NPS, increase feature adoption, and decrease churn across your entire customer base.

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