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How to increase referrals and drive new leads from word of mouth

Encourage your raving fans to promote your product on as affiliate partners, on review sites, and internally to other team members.
Increase referrals from existing customers
Journey Blocks:

The sixth and final stage of the Proof Growth Flywheel is the Refer Stage. This is where the loop restarts and all the hard work of delighting your existing customers pays off as they start to refer new customers back into the Educate stage. The entire flywheel picks up momentum and your business will start to grow faster than before and with less effort.

In this playbook, you will learn how to encourage your raving fans to promote your product on as affiliate partners, on review sites such as G2 Crowd and Capterra, and internally to other team members.

The Strategy

This playbook consists of 3 unique journey blocks:

  1. Refer 1: Notifications Affiliate Program
  2. Refer 2: Notifications G2 Crowd Review
  3. Refer 3: Smart Journeys Add a Team Member

Journey Block 1: Promote Affiliate Program

How to create this audience:

We have a successful partner program where our customers promote Proof and get rewarded with a 30% recurring commission. However, many of our customers don’t know this affiliate program is available. With Smart Journeys, we’ve been able to bring much more attention to this program and increase sign-ups for our Notifications software.

Before we ask our audience to promote our brand, we want to be sure we’re only targeting activated and successful customers. For this audience, we’ll include people who have made a successful payment, are on any plan, and have at least 2 campaigns currently live on their site.

We use the following events and traits to match that audience:

The block’s design:

To prove to potential affiliates that signing up is worth their time, we want to let them know how much money we’ve paid out to partners already (as of publish, $125k).

Then, we let them know they can join in on the action by first creating their own affiliate account.

Journey Block 2: Leave a Review on G2 Crowd

How to create this audience:

Obviously we’re big believers in the power of social proof at Proof, and getting your customers to leave reviews on sites like G2 Crowd and Capterra is a key aspect of the concept in action.

Before asking someone to leave a review, we want to be sure they are happy and engaged –– we’d like a 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review after all!

Here you can see how we make sure to target customers who we think will leave us a positive review:

The block’s design:

This is one of our favorite block designs. It’s colorful, fun, and shows a bit of our personality. The pitch is compelling and even encouraged by G2 Crowd. 

Leave us an honest review and we’ll give you a $20 account credit.

Journey Block 3 - Add Team Member

How to create this audience:

Finally, not all referrals are external. In some cases, the referral we want is internal, as our champion tells another member of their team about our tools.

Our audience here contains people who have already clicked on the G2 Crowd review block in the previous step:

The block’s design:

We designed this block to highlight the value of adding more of your team members to Smart Journeys. The flywheel at the right helps a visitor to visualize how this fits into the entire Growth Flywheel.

Moving from Refer and back into Educate

If this were a funnel, this would be the end. But that’s not how a flywheel works!

They get more and more powerful with each rotation. The beauty and power of the Proof Growth Flywheel is that referrals turn into new customers that then start the cycle over and over again. 

Take a second look at our Educate Playbook to see how to build the next steps for a highly personalized customer journey your newly referred visitors will love.

Final Say

The funnel is dead, and the flywheel is here to take its place.

By building out at least 1 Journey Block for each stage of your customer journey, your company will be positioned well ahead of your competition. 

Try adding blocks to your site and please reach out to our team if you need any help. We’re always looking for new and exciting case studies and new playbooks to promote & celebrate!

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