Add social proof to boost your conversions and credibility.

Show notifications of real people taking action on your site. Over 20,000 websites use Pulse and get an average conversion increase of 10%.
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Build credibility with Hot Streaks.

Hot Streaks shows the total number of people who have recently taken action on your site. Great for high-traffic pages such as content opt-ins, webinar registrations, and free-trials.

Average conversion lift: 15%
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Create scarcity with Live Visitor Count.

Live Visitor Count shows the number of people currently viewing a page or your whole site. Great for offers with limited inventory such as physical product, booking, and events ticket sales pages.

Average conversion lift: 8%
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79 people
are viewing this page
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Boost confidence with Recent Activity.

Recent Activity shows a live feed of real people who have recently taken action on your site. Perfect on high-traffic pages such as your homepage, content opt-ins, and webinar registrations.

Average conversion lift: 10%
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Mary from Austin, TX
Just requested a product demo
2 min ago
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A/B test to prove Pulse increases conversions on your website.

Know with confidence the impact of Pulse on your goals with built-in A/B testing and a beautiful dashboard showing your conversion analytics.
See the true conversion lift of Pulse on your site:
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Pulse is the #1 social proof tool trusted by over 20,000 websites.

Easy to set up icon
Easy to set up
Simply copy and paste the Pulse pixel into the header of your site.
Custom settings icon
Custom settings
Change the timing, position, and display rules for each campaign.
Beautiful analytics
Your dashboard shows the true impact of Pulse on your leads and sales.
Zapier integration
Zapier Integration
Send conversion events from your CMS via Zapier or a custom webhook.
Freaky fast load speed icon
Freaky fast load speed
Pulse's javascript is lightweight and loads after your page's content loads first.
AB Testing Icon
A/B testing
Split the percentage of traffic that sees Pulse to know the impact on conversion.
Nathan Chan, CEO of
“Pulse allows us to increase conversions for every part of the funnel and also gives a great element of social proof to our brand. Highly recommend this software.”
Nathan Chan, CEO of

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19 people started a trial in the last 24 hours