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Start using social proof to build trust just like the site you just were on.

Proof Pulse shows real activity happening on your site. Join 20,000+ sites that build trust with visitors and increase conversions by 10-15%.
✓ Amazing support ✓ Cancel anytime ✓ 20 minute setup
✓ Amazing support
✓ Cancel anytime
✓ 20 minute setup
Trusted by 20,000+ high converting sites including...
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Frequently asked questions

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Are people on Pulse notifications real?
Yes! All activity you see on Proof Pulse notifications are real people taking action on the site. We don't allow activity to be simulated, uploaded, or backlogged.
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Why is social proof marketing effective?
Social proof is a concept in psychology that says humans will follow the behavior of what the crowd is doing. This is used in marketing with product reviews, customer testimonials, verified badges, and real-time activity like Proof Pulse.
What is Proof's product Pulse?
In 2017, the marketing tech startup Proof launched their first product to the public called Pulse. Now over 20,000 sites use Proof Pulse to show real activity happening on their site.
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Why do businesses use Proof Pulse?
Proof Pulse is used on websites to build credibility and trust with their visitors. By showing other people signing up and buying, visitors are 10-15% more inclined to take action too.
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Is Proof Pulse easy to setup?
Adding social proof notifications is very easy. Copy and paste one line of code, design your notification, and select the pages you want to use it on. The average time to takes for customers to get Proof live on their site is just 20 minutes!
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How much does Proof Pulse cost?
Proof's pricing model is based on the number of unique visitors your site gets per month. Plans start as low as $29/mo. Start your free 14-day trial now.

Try free for 14 days to see how much it increases conversions on your site.