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You are interested in a product, but a few thoughts hold you back from buying...
Can I trust this website?

Are other people buying this product?

Should I worry about this product selling out?
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“86 people bought this product in the last 24 hours”
With this new information, you think to yourself…
Wow! This product is very popular.

Look how many other people trust this company.

I better act now before they run out!

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That's why over 20,000 websites trust Proof. Most business that use Proof see a 10-15% increase in leads, demos, and sales

Visitor FAQs

How does Proof get visitor information?
When a visitor enters their email on a website that installed Proof, our tool instantly search the internet for public information that matches the contact. Once a match is verified, the first name and city are displayed on the site as a recent signup or purchase. If the contact's information is anonymous or unknown, Proof will show the first name as 'Someone'.
Can websites create fake information to show on Proof notification?
No way, Jose. We're on a mission to make marketing more transparent. Proof does not allow users to upload contact lists, "simulate" notifications, or alter contacts' information on notifications. The only way Proof customers could fake notifications is to sit at the computer buying their own stuff all day with different emails. While that situation is very unlikely, we do take any fraudulent activity very seriously. If you suspect a Proof user is engaging in fraudulent activity, please alert us by sending an email to team@useproof.com. We will investigate and take appropriate measures. Help us keep the internet real 🙌
Why should I trust Proof?
In 2016, three entrepreneurs in Annapolis, Maryland were fed up with the inflated, and sometimes downright fake, marketing claims on the internet. That's when they began dreaming of a  software that would bring transparency and authenticity back to marketing.

Fast forward to now and Proof's toolset of social proof notifications show 100% real actions by real human. This transparency increases visitor trust and in turn, increases the number of sign ups and purchases. Most users see a 10-15% increase in conversions using Proof on their site.

Proof is trusted by over 15,000 websites, has been featured by major publications including Entrepreneur and VentureBeat, and recently raised their first round of funding through Silicon Valley's most recognized startup accelerator Y Combinator.

Say hi 👋to the Proof team at their new HQ in Austin, TX.

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