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Proof helps deliver higher conversion rates on your website by displaying recent sales and opt-ins

Why do so many of the world's leading marketers use Proof?

Because Proof helps deliver higher conversion rates, lower cost per acquisition and increased buyer trust in one simple solution.

Amy Porterfield

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Nicholas Kusmich

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Brian Moran

CEO of Samcart

Alex Becker

CEO of Market Hero

How Does Proof Help Me Sell More?

Higher Conversion Rates with Social Proof

Proof adds notifications to the bottom of your page showing off recent customer activity. When visitors see that others are buying they are statistically more likely to convert as well.

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Increased Trust With Your Audience

We are dedicated to helping real businesses grow using honest marketing strategies so we only allow real user activity on our platform which means when people see Proof on your site they know its real.

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"I love Proof! I now have a few of my clients on the platform and I can with 100% certainty say that Proof is adding revenue to my business! Thank you guys!"

Matt Ganzak

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Start Using Proof In 3 Simple Steps

Proof works with your current website or landing page software to build trust & increase conversions.

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Display Recent Activity

Proof displays real user activity on your site and pushes new visitors to do the same.

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Watch as your conversion rates and sales increase.

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