Meet The Proof Team

Headquartered in Annapolis, MD

Frankly, we created Proof because we were sick of all the fake stuff happening in online marketing today.

We've sold tens of millions of dollars of online products for ourselves and our clients over the last 4 years. We live and breathe marketing. Facebook ads, marketing funnels, retargeting campaigns, and chat bots.

But we also realized there were a lot of people using shady marketing tactics to make an extra buck. We just weren't comfortable using false tactics. It didn't seem right to us.

We wanted a software that would dramatically increase conversion rates on our websites but also be 100% real and honest with our customers.

That's why we created Proof.

We hope you enjoy the increased trust you'll build with your customers, as well as the drastically increased conversion and sales rates.

Dave Rogenmoser

Co-Founder / CEO

Chris Hull

Co-Founder / CS

JP Morgan

Co-Founder / CTO

Ben Grimes

Software Engineer


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