Appcues increased trials 42% in 7 industries with personalized social proof.

Increase in new trials
Appcues was looking for a way to increase their demos and trials by optimizing conversion rates from their existing traffic.
Jared, who leads Demand Gen, used Experiences to personalize their homepage with customer logos for 7 unique industries.
Of the visitors matched by Clearbit audiences, Appcues' trials increased by an average of 42% at 99% stat. sig.
The results speak for themselves – compared to the control Experiences is generating significantly more trial starts and demo requests, which are the lifeblood of our business.
Jared DeLuca
Demand Generation

The leader in product-led growth sought a way to increase trials by increasing conversions from their existing website traffic.

Appcues helps you engage customers through software onboarding flows, feature tutorials and in-app messages without the assistance of a developer. Jared DeLuca, who runs Demand Gen at Appcues, says their big focus this year is on optimizing their website conversions. Their team started on Google Optimize, but when they wanted to do personalization experiments and use Clearbit Data switching to Experiences became the obvious choice.

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Appcues has been using Clearbit data for their account based marketing campaign for quite some time. Then Jared discovered Proof's integration with Clearbit. That's when the idea struck, "We have a pretty diverse set of customers already...why don't we personalize based on the industry with Clearbit Reveal to make use of those [customer] logos and try and bump up conversion rate that way?"

First step Jared and the demand generation team took was to segment their customers by industry. Since they already enriched their customers with Clearbit, this was easy to sort by industry of which they created 7 industry audiences:

  1. Media/Entertainment
  2. Health
  3. MarTech (aka: Marketing technology)
  4. Ed tech (aka: Education technology)
  5. Travel
  6. HR/Recruiting
  7. FinTech (aka: Financial technology)

Harnessing the persuasion power of social proof, their marketing team used Experiences to create 7 variations of their homepage – one for each industry.

They replaced the customer logos section that once had a variety of logos, with 8 logos that were specific to that industry.

In an interview, Jared continues to share his excitement about the flexibility of Experiences. "One thing that I was also very excited about the visual editor is that it's pretty easy to use and I know it'll be getting better over time with inserting new content blocks because that's kind of hard to do in other tools to like Google Optimize when you don't have something to already work from."

Thousands of people entered the A/B test on their homepage who matched one of the 7 industries from Clearbit audiences. Half of the visitors saw a mix of customer logos from a variety of industries, while the variant with Proof was personalized to show customer logos from their industry. The variant personalized by Proof converted 42.54% more trials than the generic control.

"I'm excited to do more things with Proof as in these particular economic times as I'm sure probably for any of your customers, conversion rate optimization is even more important. Capitalizing on the people that are already coming to our site without having to spend money on acquiring new ones is huge."

If you're a marketer at a B2B company like Jared and you're currently shopping for your next website optimization tool, take Jared's experience on the matter.

"I would say as far as personalization and testing tools go Experiences is hands down the best one that I've used in terms of value, functionality and support is really second to none. I’ve used VWO, Omniconvert, and Google Optimize, and overall I’d say it’s my favorite team to work with as far as any of those tools go."

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Increase in new trials
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