How Bench accelerated their buyer's journey with smart CTAs

Increased content downloads
All the blog CTAs were the same across posts and didn't adapt to visitors if they were cold, warm, hot, or customers.
Their marketing team implemented a smart CTA across all blog posts to change for the topic and buyer's journey stage.
Personalizing the CTAs on Bench's blog posts increased content downloads by 23% without help from engineers.
"The first experiment on Bench's blog drove a 23% increase in downloads of gated assets. Now our marketing team is using Proof to personalize the rest of the site and our single page app without help from engineers."
Dennis Pavlina
Manager, Web & Growth
Vancouver, Canda

North America’s largest bookkeeping service wanted to be more deliberate when presenting a trial offer to visitors.'s business pairs intuitive bookkeeping software with dedicated accountants and tax professionals for small businesses. Their marketing team's goal was to increase organic leads from the blog and wanted a way to personalize their call to actions. Bench used Experiences to personalize the call to actions on their blog to be relevant to the post content. In two weeks, Bench increased content downloads by 41% after implementing Experiences.

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In their initial campaign, the Bench team placed in-line blocks throughout their highest value blog posts and targeted offers based on the actions their visitors had already taken.

With their first block, Bench targeted cold visitors with a content download offer. Rather than pushing their product in the face of their first-time visitors, they wanted to test whether offering a high-value asset download (in this case, a tax checklist) worked well for their visitors.

Bench Content Block 1

With the next block in their campaign, they pushed an offer to sign up for a free trial. They targeted visitors by making this offer only display after a visitor had signed up for a piece of content somewhere else on the site. Their thesis was that a visitor that had interacted with their educational content would be more responsive to a free trial offer.

Bench Content Block 2

The final block in the campaign targeted an offer for current customers. Rather than pushing their current customers the same sign-up offers as prospects, Bench took the opportunity to position an upsell. In this example, they promote their BenchTax service — an upsell offering that helps businesses prepare for tax season.

Bench Content Block 3

By targeting these offers, Bench saw a a 23% increase in content downloads without bothering any engineers.

Due to the outstanding performance of the campaign, the Bench team decided to expand his implementation of Experiences across all 195 blog posts and even target special offers on their homepage for Cyber Monday!

Increased content downloads
Engineering hours
Personalized CTAs launched

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