How KlientBoost amazes ideal customers with website personalization

Increased proposals
Marketing agencies need to be on the cutting edge of new strategies to attract new prospects and retain customers.
When a dream customer visited, Experiences with Clearbit Reveal data personalized their site to the visitor's company.
Showing the customer's logo, merge tags, and targeted offers increased proposals by 11% and created raving fans.
The number of people saying that they were so impressed in the chat or in the email or on our phone calls was amazing. We probably had 50 or so people, giving us props for what we're doing.
Johnathan Dane
Founder & CEO
Costa Mesa, CA

The leading PPC & CRO agency personalized their website experience for key accounts resulting in a flood of customer love. 

KlientBoost is a leading SEO, PPC, and CRO agency for many eCommerce and SaaS companies. They use Clearbit Reveal to recognize when key accounts visit their site to trigger Drift conversations. That's when it hit them – what if they could use Experiences to personalize their entire homepage for their biggest accounts? The results were a raving success.

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When we met Johnathan, we immediately knew we wanted to work with him. He has an infectious attitude, and we got excited about implementing personalization for his unique customer base of E-commerce, SaaS, and Lead Generation clients.

Johnathan hadn’t tried personalization on his site in the past, but he knew it presented a big opportunity for his business. What he didn’t expect was that what he learned from personalizing his own site, he could carry across to his client’s sites. 

Jonathan Dane, CEO of KlientBoost said, “As an agency owner, two of the biggest things you're always going to be caring about is your acquisition and your retention. From an acquisition perspective, you're going to have a much easier time using personalization to attract businesses to work with you. Because not a lot of other agencies are actually doing it. And from a retention perspective, when you can use Proof for your clients it gets them better results. Basically, it leads to better retention for you as well.”

We’re excited to share with you the exact experiment that KlientBoost used to get an 11% increase in proposals on their site (and an outpouring of props).

After our initial planning meetings with the KlientBoost team, we decided to focus on improving his team’s main acquisition metrics: the number of proposal requests submitted on their website.

When a client submits a proposal request, it allows their Sales Team to start a conversation around their service offerings. It’s a leading indicator of new business — and it’s a north star for the marketing team. 

Here’s the exact strategy we used to help them increase requests:

  1. Adjusted headlines to call out a visitor’s company name

One of the most powerful ways to talk to your audience is to call them out explicitly. Who doesn’t love the sound of their name?

That’s exactly why we piped in company names on to the KlientBoost homepage. 

By integrating Clearbit Reveal, we were able to pull in a visitor’s IP address in real-time and use that to personalize the headline on the page.

Once the company had been identified on the page, the messaging would remain personalized on each subsequent visit.

In the above screenshot, notice how the headline calls out our company name in the greeting, “Hey Proof!”

To help further add personalization to pages across their site, we helped KlientBoost add a smart bar at the bottom of the screen to add another touchpoint to interact with customers.

We also helped them pipe in company names to the chat window at the bottom right of the page. 

Proof Experiences is wildly flexible in the offerings it provides for a savvy growth marketer. Your ideas are your only limit!

  1. Piped into logos across the website

Another personalization tactic we helped KlientBoost push across their pages was the inclusion of company logos.

Our thought process here was to add an extra layer of delight by visually showing that KlientBoost loves their clients. Just as we piped in our headline data from Clearbit, we were able to use that integration to pipe in exact company logos (you can see our blue Proof logo in the screenshot above).

This is a key tactic for account-based marketing, and it’s something that is easily accomplishable in Proof Experiences. 

  1. Carried personalization into the proposal request form

Most marketers do a great job of making their landing pages and marketing site relevant to their audience’s wants and needs. But often, the marketing stops there rather than carrying their messaging on through a signup flow or into an app.

Often this is due to engineering red tap. But with Experiences, this is no longer an issue. You can easily carry your messaging from marketing page to app and beyond!

Notice how in the KlientBoost proposal request form we were able to carry over the company name into the question. 

Rather than asking “What are your goals?,” KlientBoost was able to ask a more friendly ”What are your goals for Proof?”

Little tactics like this might seem small, but Johnathan spoke to their impact:

“So many people thought that it was such an amazing experience to see that their own company was mentioned. And I think we just scratched the surface of what we could do with this.”

Well said, Johnathan.

  1. Added personalized content blocks to push blog traffic to fill out proposals

On the KlientBoost blog, we launched a smart content block to help convert blog visitors into leads. We tailored messaging for each audience and carried over the same personalization tactics we used elsewhere across the site.

What key results did KlientBoost achieve after implementing Experiences?

In our initial experiment with KlientBoost, we were able to see an 11% increase in proposals for KlientBoost.

But that’s not all — both customer and prospects were so amazed they were reaching out on chat expressing their joy.

"The number of people saying that they were so impressed in the chat or in the email or on our phone calls was amazing. We probably had 50 or so people, giving us props for what we're doing."

Personalizing your site for your key accounts not only increases conversions, it also creates raving fans of your company.

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