Online coach scales her webinar funnel with paid traffic by adding Proof

Increase in registrations
With advertising costs rising, Laurie-Ann King was looking for a way to profitability scale ads for her webinar.
By adding Proof to show "X number of people registered for the webinar" more people trusted her and wanted to watch her content.
71% more people registered for her webinar with Proof and saved her $832/week in advertising cost.
"I'm on track to have the most profitable month I've ever had in my business, and it's thanks to Proof."
Laurie-Ann King
Personal Development Coach
Laurie Ann King

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They main way Laurie-Ann King grows her coaching business is by hosting a weekly live webinar. She uses Facebook ads to send visitors to a landing page where they signup for a webinar. On her webinar, she sells her high ticket program.

Before Proof, Laurie-Ann King's webinar registration page converted at 35% making her cost to acquire a registrant $7.33.

After adding Proof, this page converted at 60% – that's a 71% increase just by adding Proof!

The increase in conversion also made her advertising cost more efficient. With Proof on her webinar landing page, the cost to acquire a lead went down to $3.31.

Before Proof:
Conversion rate: 35%
Cost per lead: $7.33

After Proof:
Conversion rate: 60% (+71% increase)
Cost per lead: $3.31

Savings on cost to acquire a customer by adding Proof: $252 per week

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