How ProfitWell personalizes CTAs on their blog posts with Experiences

Increased blog leads
ProfitWell has a lot of videos and ebooks but no way to showcase the most relevant content for each visitor.
Their marketing team was able to craft a personalized content journey based on visitor's behavior on their blog.
ProfitWell achieved a 162% increase in leads from content downloads on the blog with zero engineering time.
Patrick Campbell
Founder & CEO
Boston, MA

The leader in pricing strategy wanted a way to better target content.

What do Zenefits, Classpass, Vice, Charity: Water, BigCommerce, and Meetup have in common? They all rely on subscription-based revenue to grow, and they all count on ProfitWell to provide meaningful insights for their business.

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ProfitWell launched a series of personalized content blocks that dynamically showed the most relevant offer on each blog post.

By targeting these high-value pieces of gated-content, ProfitWell saw a 162% increase in email submissions for these downloadable assets.

But where exactly did they send their traffic? Here are some screenshots of their top content pieces they targeted using Experiences:

The Comprehensive Guide to Reducing Churn: Your complete guide to understanding, calculating, and reducing churn.

The Anatomy of Pricing Strategy: An in-depth guide to understanding and optimizing your recurring revenue pricing strategy.

The Freemium Manifesto: A deep look at freemium and why you’re probably going to go free in the future.

The Executive’s Guide to Statistics: Understand the foundations of statistics and how to properly use data in your decision-making process.

By being able to target customers with relevant pieces of content through in-line CTAs, ProfitWell was able to more effectively provide their audience with what they wanted to see at that moment at time.

These targeted offers helped the content team more effectively capture email addresses for their subscription lists — which is a KPI they are tasked with increasing month over month.

What's best is using Experiences to personalize their blog with relevant call to actions required zero engineering time.

Increased blog leads
Engineering hours
Marketing goals hit

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