How ShipBob personalized gated content on their blog

Increased content downloads
ShipBob has a lot of helpful ebooks but no way to dynamically show the most relevant one for each visitor.
Their marketing team was able to craft a personalized content journey based on visitor's behavior on their blog.
ShipBob achieved a 123% increase in leads from content downloads on the blog with zero engineering time.
Casey Armstrong
VP of Marketing

ShipBob ranks highly on search engines around content helping Ecommerce companies.

ShipBob is a software Ecommerce businesses use to fulfill orders outside of Amazon. A large amount of traffic comes from SEO rankings on Ecommerce keywords. A strategy they use to convert that traffic is gated content such as eBooks. Unfortunately, their CMS does not have the functionality to show the most relevant CTA for each post. That's where Experiences comes in.

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One of ShipBob’s growth strategies is to write helpful content for eCommerce companies which warms up visitors to their brand and positions them as an authority on the subject.

After years of creating content, ShipBob now gets a substantial amount of traffic to their blog from search engine rankings around Ecommerce keywords.

Now they are putting a lot of attention on getting their traffic to convert – that’s where Experiences comes in.

ShipBob has also created a lot of content assets such as ebooks, checklists, and videos that visitors can opt-in to download. In the marketing world, we call those content upgrades, and they are often positioned inline the blog post.

Here’s an example of an inline content upgrade on HubSpot’s blog.

The goal of content upgrades is to solve a problem the visitor is facing that’s worth giving their content information for. This is the first step to a longer relationship between the brand and visitor.

However, the challenge is most CMS solutions do not have the functionality to change this call to action for each visitor. You would have to have the same content upgrade for every visitor.

ShipBob used Experiences to embed a smart content block that showed the most relevant content upgrade in each blog post.

Not only are these smart content blocks placed on the most relevant articles, they also dynamically change the visitor’s customer journey.

Once a visitor enters their email for a content upgrade, all the smart CTAs across their site change to “Request a quote”.

The ShipBob marketing team has mapped out their average customer journey to have 3 steps:

  1. Download content
  2. Request a quote
  3. Create a free account

Using Experiences, their team was able to collect the data to build these audiences, design CTAs for each of these steps, and easily embed them on pages throughout their website and blog.

As the visitor progresses through the customer journey, Experiences adapts to show the perfect CTA that encourages the next step.

The ShipBob team is very data-driven so they wanted to A/B test Experiences before rolling it out to all their traffic. 

This experiment was run for 28 days and to 95% statistical significance. The result? The data showed a 123% increase in content downloads and 53% increase in leads on their blog. 

What also made this a big win for ShipBob was setting up Experiences required zero engineering time. 

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