How to personalize for 7 unique industries using Proof and Clearbit

Increase in signups
Dozens of industries use Textedly with very different use cases, making it hard to relate their website for all visitors.
By using Experiences integrated with Clearbit data, Textedly personalized their website for their 7 highest traffic industries.
Textedly saw a 15% lift in new account signups and discovered their highest converting audiences.
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The popular texting platform needed a way to position their product for multiple industries.

Textedly makes communicating with your contacts easy and efficient through their SMS and MMS mass text messaging service.

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After researching thousands of users, Textedly discovered over 24 unique industry segments, each with different needs for SMS marketing.

Before using Experiences, Textedly's marketing team had to make their website copy, product mockups, and social proof fit all industries. As a result of trying to position for everyone, their conversion rate suffered.

Then Textedly discovered Proof's personalization platform, Experiences. They had a vision of tailoring their homepage for every industry.

To get started fast, they chose their top 7 highest traffic industries first.

By using Clearbit data to segment visitors by their industry and using Experiences to easily change their existing website, Textedly's marketing team was able to personalize their homepage for each audience.

Those 7 audiences are:

When someone visits Textedly's homepage, Clearbit looks up the visitor's IP address to discover their company. In under 300 ms, Experiences adapts the site with the changes for that audiences.

Here are the website changes for each of the 7 industries:

Let's look at those 7 unique experiences.


Real Estate






As a result of crafting a more personalized, relevant experience for their visitors, Textedly achieved a 15% increase in signups across the board.

This campaign also revealed that certain audiences convert higher than others. Now armed with that knowledge, Textedly can find better product market fit by focusing their advertising on more profitable audiences.

If you serve multiple industries, company sizes, locations, or other unique segments but you are stuck showing the same message to everyone, then think about using Experiences to personalize your website.

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Increase in signups
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