The church app increase blog leads with personalized CTAs

Increased blog leads
Problem's blog ranks highly on topics to grow churches which attracts a variety of audience segments with unique needs.
Their COO, Frank Barry, personalized the recommended posts and CTAs on the blog for each of main audience segments.
After a 14-day A/B test, visitors who saw personalized blog content and CTAs saw an 82% higher email submission rate.
Frank Barry
Nashville helps you increase giving and engagement with tools built for churches and ministries. is the leading solution for helping churches to manage communication and giving with their congregation. This leads to an interesting challenge because their app serves both sides of the marketplace at the same time. Routing visitors to the right content and showing relevant CTAs is a huge problem for a 2-sided marketplace.

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Get a demo drives hundreds of thousands of visitors to their blog. And while some visitors to the blog are church leaders searching for software — many visitors aren’t the right contact to implement the software at a religious organization.'s COO Frank Barry turned to Proof to help better identify and segment messaging to their highest value traffic. And it’s been quite effective.

First we helped their team map out their customer journey. Once we got clear on the 4 steps to move a pastor from cold visitor to customer, the marketing team designed CTAs for downloading two pieces of content, requesting a demo, and starting a free trial.

Using Experiences, they easily embedded these smart CTAs inline blog posts. This placement proved to be very effective. also placed a smart content block at the bottom of every blog post for visitors who read all the way to the end of the blog post.

Of course, both of these CTA placements were insync with each other and uniform across all blog posts for a consistent experience.

They all changed together as the visitor progresses through the buyer journey from cold, warm, hot, and customer. ran an initial 14-day controlled experiment with Experiences.

During the campaign, they split their traffic 50/50, and the audience that was served with personalized content blocks saw an 81.94% higher email submission rate across’s two landing pages.

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Increased blog leads
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