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Below The Fold

Below The Fold

What is below the fold?

Below the fold refers to the part of the webpage that you have to scroll down in order to view. Or put in another lens, below the fold content is the opposite of above the fold content.

This term originates from the era of newspapers and print media. Before the Internet era, below the fold content literally sat below the folded line of a paper. To read those stories, you would have to flip over the physical paper to see the content.

Below the fold content is still important online — but it plays a supporting role to above the fold content (the section of a webpage with headlines, images, and content designed to hook a visitor that lands on your page).

Why is below the fold important?

Visibility is key. When a potential customers comes to a website, are they finding what they’re looking for without having to scroll? Knowing whether to place certain call to action above or below the fold can play a huge factor in clicks, conversions and more importantly, revenue.

Below the fold, naturally gets decreased visibility to above the fold content. Use this as a lens when thinking through where to place context and personalization on your webpage.

  • What’s the most important thing we want to communicate when a visitor lands on a page?
  • Should the CTA go above or below the fold?
  • Does the above the fold messaging hook the reader?

Food for thought with mobile devices

With all the different shapes and sizes of devices, how is the content of your webpage being seen? Don’t just design with the desktop in mind. With a huge percentage of your website visits coming from mobile, you don’t want to ignore this important cohort.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • How does your page differ in portrait versus landscape mode?
  • Are you designing for a variety of screen sizes?
  • Are you using responsive design for flexible layouts?

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