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Firmographic Data

Firmographic Data

What is firmographic data?

Firmographic data is data all around a company. It’s similar in nature to demographic data, but all of the data points are around the business rather than around an individual.

When selling to a B2C buyer, demographic data is the biggest concern for marketing teams. You’re selling to one buyer with one particular set of wants and needs.

In B2B marketing, there’s an added challenge when connecting to your customer base — as one organization may have multiple buyers. And buyers identify with both demographic and firmographic properties. Collecting information on the individual firms is essential to selling to your end customer.

Firmographic data (often called firmographics) is important as it can help identify organizations for market segmentation and make it easier for sales, marketing, and product teams to reach the right audience.

Examples of firmographic data

When thinking through firmographic data to collect, there are many points that can provide your marketing and sales team with knowledge. Here are a few examples of important firmographic data points to consider:

  • Industry — i.e. SaaS, E-commerce, Information
  • Company Size — i.e 1-10, 11-49, 50-100, 101-500, 501+
  • Type of business — i.e Non-profit, Public, Private
  • Revenue — i.e. $100K+ MRR, $1M+ MRR
  • Location — i.e. Austin, New York, Los Angeles
  • Stage in the sales cycle — i.e. Lead, Registered User, Customer

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